640K ought to be enough for anybody

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640K ought to be enough for anybody

Jesse Wilson

Hey team ----

Some notes on the 1.0 prep for the evening:

1. I've moved CachingList to the IO package, an
arguably more appropriate place.

2. I've rearranged build.xml a bit, so that users
can create smaller jars for deployment if they so
desire. Our source tree is divided into chunks:
core, swing, swt, io and migrationkit. You can compile
any chunk and jar it, like so: "ant swt io jar". If you
don't need SWT or IO, there's no sense in including
it in your .jar file! I imagine that we'll distribute one true
.jar file, which will be a complete build. Maybe later
tonight I'll write a quick note for the FAQ or tutorial
explaining how this all works, although it should be
simple enough for people who've used Ant.

The net result of this work is that now it's possible
to get an EventTableModel running with a 228K
.jar file, or a 64K .pack.gz file. As far as I'm concerned,
that's a sufficient response to the 'keep the jar size low'

Aside from documentation, I'm ready for ONE dot Oh.


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