Enable Samsung Android Phone to get a license to play DRM contents

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Enable Samsung Android Phone to get a license to play DRM contents

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How to unlock DRM from iTunes, Digital Copy, Amazon to play on Samsung Android phones? This DRM converter is highly recommended to help easily remove DRM and output MP4 videos for Samsung Phones.

Despite lack of offical support, you can sync and play DRM-protected files (iTunes, Digital Copy, Amazon) on your Samsung Android phone. It just takes a few steps, and only comes with some help from third-party software. But it can be done. Here's how.


There are a number of ways to transfer your music, photos and videos to your Samsung Android smartphone. Samsung provides four existing data transfer methods that are already available to you including the lastest Google Play Music—Wireless cloud service (music only). Depending on which device you have, the type of content, and your comfort level with installing software or adjusting device settings, you can pick the method that's best for you.

If you've taken a glance on the four methods, it's easy to find the file transfer limitation – they work for non-DRM(Digital Rights Management) protected content only. DRM protected content can only be played on "authorized" devices—none of these transfer methods can sync or play these protected files.

Thus, you may have a hard time transferring Digital Copies to your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, syncing iTunes movies with your Samsung Galaxy S5, copying Amamzon Instant Videos to your Samsung Android phone… It's all about the copyright of iTunes movies, Digital Copies, Amazon Videos etc. are protected by using DRM copyright protections and the Android devices have not get a license to play DRM contents. Fortunately, we have a great tutorial for you, guaranteed to get these DRM protected files and Samsung Android phone to play nicely.