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Jesse Wilson-2
Another email neomega --

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Date: Jul 29, 2005 9:53 AM
Subject: Custom Filters
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annexe: application

Sorry by my English...

to run the application...

Note: It needs "glazedlists.jar" and "issuezilla.jar"
in classpath

exec: java GenericBrowser


GenericBrowser.java (Main)
- JComboBox - line 67

class GenericMatcher implements Matcher
class GenericSelect extends AbstractMatcherEditor
implements ListSelectionListener, ActionListener


How I do to apply change in the EventList main ...


How I do to eliminate warnings in ...

Why in the GenericBrowser constructor make warnings
when I use eventList1.add(<object>)

if use a simple List.. it allows List<Object> ... in
this case, there aren't problems.




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