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I have a question regarding the licensing info of the library: glazedlists_java15-1.9.0.jar.

In the file itself I couldn't find any information about the used licenses.

For easier distribution of the library in combination with other software projects, could you include the license information in the library (glazedlists_java15-1.9.0.jar) itself?

That the library includes three new files:

- A README file that makes clear under which licenses the library is published, like the already existing "license" file in the "glazedlists_java15-1.9.0-dist". Furthermore it would be great, if thesentence "It is made available under two licenses ..." can be replaced by "Glazed Lists is distributed under your choice of two popular open source licenses, the LGPL and the MPL." as on the Release Notes site ( Then it is more clear, that the user can choose (or) between the two licenses.

- The two license texts from the LGPL and MPL.

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