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Re: Greater than filter not working

I published a new snapshot for 1.9.
It's downloadable here:
or here:
of via Maven snapshot repo:
  • groupId:
  • artifactId: glazedlists_java15
  • version: 1.9-SNAPSHOT


2013/1/16 Holger Brands <[hidden email]>
Hi Dirk,

I think the latest published snapshot is quite old. It does not include this commit for example:

I'll let you know when I've published a new snapshot that contains the latest fixes, so that you can test your use case, ok?

If it will not fix your issue, a testcase would be great for us to look into.


2013/1/16 Dirk Fauth <[hidden email]>

I double checked that behaviour with the Sourceforge version 2.3.2 of
NatTable. With this version the greater than matcher works.

In that version we had a custom ThresholdMatcherEditor that mostly was the
same than yours by fixing some bugs. As it was created before I joined the
NatTable team, I don't know much about it. With the move to Eclipse we had
to remove it (which is correct regarding intellectual property and updates
of GlazedLists). But this also means the greater than matcher isn't working
anymore. The user who reported this also checked that with a GlazedLists 1.9
and it seems to still exist.

I already attached the custom ThresholMatcherEditor we had back then in
another post here

Maybe this helps you in finding and solving that bug in the upcoming 1.9
release of GlazedLists.

If the bug is related to other code than GlazedLists, please let me know.


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