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Jesse Wilson
Hey Holger ---

Getting Ant to generate Maven bundles and upload
such bundles to ibiblio is long overdue. If you're up
for the task, I would love to see this complete. It's
a critical feature for a lot of our users. Since you've
already used Maven, it seems like a perfect match.

As for the tutorial, it's sorely out of date. It's supposed
to compliment the screencasts, but lately it hasn't
seen much attention at all. Any effort you put into the
tutorial will be appreciated. The tutorial HTML and PDF
are generated from a docbook XML file that currently
lives only on my private svn repository. I've attached
that file to this email. Perhaps I'll make my subversion
repository available for yourself and James to access
on, so you can put non-source things
like documentation in a safe place.

And finally - code - James is working on planning how
we're going to do tree stuff. He's going to be working on
APIs, datastructures and implementation of trees for
the next couple of weeks and I really think he's probably
benefit from collaboration with yourself.

If there's any other features you're interested in, I'd love
to hear some fresh ideas!


On 7/15/06, Holger Brands <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hi guys,
> as promised, I get back to your polite request.
> I'm definitely interested in further enhancing the project.
> So, besides trying out new features and giving feedback,
> what can I contribute?
> There are at least three areas, listed without preference:
> I) Maven support
> It would be quite helpful for our company and other users,
> if new Glazedlists versions would be uploaded to the
> central maven repository quickly.
> The ideal solution would be to convert the build system from Ant
> to Maven 2. This would include
> - aligning the project structure with the maven directory layout
> - using maven's dependency management
> - utilizing maven's reporting and site features
> - creating source and binary distributions
> - creating upload bundles for central maven repository
> - ...
> I know, Geoffrey did already some work in this area. Nevertheless,
> it's a major reorganisation that takes some time, perhaps it
> makes sense to enhance the current ANT build with the capability
> to create maven upload bundles?
> Anyway, I would be willing to give it a try with ANT and/or Maven 2.
> II) Glazedlists tutorial
> Your tutorial was a great help for me to get started with Glazedlists.
> Meanwhile, a lot of exciting new features came along, so the tutorial
> needs an update (for java 1.5 as well).
> If you like, I could help to enhance and expand the tutorial.
> James, your first-class screencasts are also very valuable,
> so I don't know, if they are meant to replace or complement the tutorial?
> Anyway, I didn't find the tutorial sources in CVS, did I overlook something?
> III) code contributions
> While I've no concrete contributions in mind, I'm certainly interested
> in providing some useful code, be it bugfixes or enhancements.
> As I am not familiar with the core datastructures yet, these won't be
> striking core features but probably simple bugfixes or extensions.
> So, if you already have some ideas or suggestions at hand, please let me know.
> I'm also very interested in building tree-like structures with Glazedlists.
> Currently, we build use-case specific solutions. It would be great, if there
> would be a more generic approach...
> That's it for now.
> If you agree, I could start with the maven support, e.g. enhancing the ANT build
> script to create maven upload bundles.
> Just some thoughts,
> Holger
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