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preparing release notes

Hey guys,

I've compiled a list of new and noteworthy enhancements
for Glazed Lists 1.8. The full list of fixed issues is available

Let me know if I can do anything else.


Here it goes:

new TreeTable extension
- TreeList for turning a list into a tree structure
- TreeTableSupport for turning a JTable into a TreeTable
- new demo apps: AmazonBrowser, XmlBrowser and FileBrowser

- basic undo/redo support for EventList modifications
- support for binding to Swing's undo/redo mechanism

- list transformation that presents traditional transaction semantics
for list modifications that can be committed or rolled back.

new Hibernate extension
- persist your BasicEventLists directly with Hibernate, see

Text search and filtering enhancements
- introduced NormalizedTextSearchStrategy supporting diacritics stripping
- introduced TextSearchStrategy UnicodetextSearchStrategy by utilizing ICU4J
- support for a "search engine style" TextMatcherEditor with field support
- added support for exact text matching (TextMatcherEditor.EXACT mode)
- added support for regular expression text matching (TextMatcherEditor.REGULAR_EXPRESSION mode)

AutoCompleteSupport enhancements:
- improved TableCellEditor usage experience
- configurable TextSearchStrategy
- added support for a custom "first item", useful for indicating "no selection" or "blank"

SWT extension
- EventTableViewer enhancements like configurable table items and columns
- aligned locking behaviour with swing adapters
- native sort icon for primary sort column
- generified SWT extension
- upgraded SWT version to 3.3

JFreeChart extension
- added SimpleEventCategoryDataset to make the CategoryDataset binding easier to use

SwingX extension
- multiple column sorting for JXTable
- introduced EventJXTableModel for use with JXTable
- upgraded to SwingX 0.9.2

- a lot of API refinements like vararg support and typesafe factory methods
- packaged GlazedLists as an OSGI Bundle
- removed GraphDependenciesListEventPublisher and configuration property "GlazedLists.ListEventPublisher"
- removed locking from ListSelection (and moved it into the calling swing / swt models where it belongs)
- added GlazedLists.syncEventListToMap
- added ability to dispose synced maps by introducing DisposableMap
- TableComparatorChooser improvements like new SortingStrategy MULTIPLE_COLUMN_MOUSE_WITH_UNDO
- ObservableElementList enhancements like event filter mechanism for BeanConnector
- many more improvements and bugfixes

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